Issue 18-140 Visitor Entries

August 10, 2018

In May, B.C. welcomed over 670 thousand non-resident travellers (seasonally adjusted), of which 71.8% were from the United States. Non-resident traveller entries to Canada through British Columbia went up (+0.7%) compared to the previous month.

The number of Canadians returning home via B.C. from the U.S. and overseas fell by 1.7% in May compared to April.

Nationally, Canadians made 3.9 million trips to the United States in May, slightly fewer (-0.2%) than in the previous month. Canadian travel to international destinations outside the United States also declined (-1.8%) in May.

Travel to Canada was up 1.1% in May, boosted by a larger number of visitors from the United States (+0.5%) and the rest of the world (+3.3%).

Data Source: Statistics Canada