Issue 18-113 Room Revenues

June 28, 2018

For British Columbia, overall room revenues rose during the month of April. On a regional basis, B.C. Rockies (+26.7%), The Islands (+5.0%), Vancouver, Coast and Mountains (+3.6%), and Thompson/Okanagan (+1.1%) tourism regions all reported revenue increases compared to twelve months ago. Conversely, Northern B.C. (‑1.5%) saw a slight decrease in room revenue from April 2017.

The room revenue estimates are based on the municipal and regional district tax (MRDT) of participating communities. Participation in the MRDT is optional and as such, not all communities are included and the regional totals are summations of participating communities only. Therefore, the room revenue figures should be analysed with this in mind.

For more information, please consult BC Stats’ Tourism page.