Issue 18-101 Housing Starts

June 8, 2018

The number of urban (areas with population of at least 10,000) housing starts in British Columbia inched up 3.0% (seasonally adjusted at annual rates) in May. The increase in total urban housing starts was due entirely to an upturn in multiple-unit housing projects (+4.6%), as the number of single-family detached starts dipped (-2.1%).

Among the province’s census metropolitan areas, Abbotsford-Mission (+22.0%) and Vancouver (+13.5%) saw a boost in the number of housing starts, while Victoria (-1.8%) and Kelowna (-16.8%) recorded declines.

Urban housing starts slowed at the national level (-11.1%) in May. Along with B.C., starts were up in Manitoba (+0.8%), Alberta (+24.3%), Saskatchewan (+131.6%) and parts of Atlantic Canada, but gains were offset by decreases in Quebec (-33.4%) and Ontario (-21.6%).             

Data Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation