Issue 17-74: Beer, Wine and Spirits

July 20, 2017

British Columbians aged 15 years and over spent an average of $787 on beer, wine and spirits in 2015/16. While Newfoundland and Labrador ($997) was the only province with higher per capita sales of alcoholic beverages than B.C., spending in the Yukon ($1,162) and Northwest Territories ($1,419) was also well above the national average ($734).

Beer ($278) remained the most popular alcoholic beverage in B.C., followed by wines ($268), spirits ($196) and ciders, coolers and other refreshments ($46). Despite its continued popularity, per capita beer sales were down slightly (-0.5%) from 2014/15, while wine sales jumped 4.1%.

Nationally, per capita sales of beer ($305) dominated the market and were up slightly (+1.4%) from 2014/15 levels. Although wines ($232) accounted for a smaller share of spending in Canada, sales climbed more notably (+3.2%).

Provincial and territorial liquor authorities earned $6.1 billion from sales of alcoholic beverages in 2015/16, up 7.2% from the previous year. With the exception of Manitoba (-2.5%) all provinces recorded revenue gains, including a 10.3% boost in B.C.

Data Source: Statistics Canada