Issue 17-54: Manufacturing Sales

March 17, 2017

Sales by B.C. manufacturers edged down (-0.3%, seasonally adjusted) in January, adding to a 1.6% slip recorded in December. A slight increase in shipments by producers of non-durable goods (+0.1%) was not enough to offset a slump in the durables sector (-0.5%). The rise in the value of shipments of non-durable goods was backed by an increase in shipments by paper manufacturers (+3.0%), which comprise one of the larger manufacturing industries in the province.

Among producers of durables, manufacturers of transportation equipment (+22.8%) and primary metal products (+1.1%) recorded notable increases in sales, but declines in shipments of wood (-0.5%) and several other manufacturing industries, pulled overall numbers down.

Across the nation, sales climbed 0.6% to $53.8 billion in January bolstered by strength in the petroleum and coal products industry. Seven provinces reported increased shipments in January, with P.E.I. (+17.5%), and Newfoundland and Labrador (+5.6%), posting the biggest boosts.

Data Source: Statistics Canada