Issue 17-35: Retail Sales

February 22, 2017

Sales by retailers in the province slipped 0.3% (seasonally adjusted) in December, adding to a similar increase in the previous month. Retailers in many parts of the country did not fare particularly well during the Christmas season. Sales were off in eight provinces, most notably in Quebec (-1.1%) and parts of Atlantic Canada. Canadian sales were down 0.5% in December.

2016 Annual Retail Sales

Despite ending the year in a bit of a slump, retailers in the province increased their sales 6.4% during 2016. Most retailers posted significant gains, including motor vehicle and parts (+7.7%) and food and beverage (+2.9%) producers. Building material and garden equipment and supplies (+13.9%) and health and personal care (+11.9%) stores saw sales rise more than ten percent. Canadian retail sales were up 3.7% last year.

Data Source: Statistics Canada