Issue 17-20: Household Spending

January 27, 2017

Spending by households in British Columbia averaged $ 64,797 in 2015, slightly more than the national average of $60,516. Alberta ($76,535) and Saskatchewan ($65,959) were the only provinces where household expenditures were higher than those in B.C.

Shelter took the biggest bite (31%) out of the household budget in B.C., followed by transportation (19%). Food (14%) and clothing and accessories (5%) were some other major expenditure items.

For Canadian households in the top income quintile, personal taxes accounted for the biggest share (30%) of total household spending while shelter (16%) and food (8%) took a smaller portion from the household wallet. Conversely, among households with the lowest incomes, taxes represented less than two percent of total spending, while far more of the household budget was allocated to shelter (32%) and food (15%). Together, food, clothing and shelter ate up 46% of the total household budget for these households, compared to 24% for those in the highest income quintile.

Data Source: Statistics Canada