Issue 17-166 Housing Starts

December 11, 2017

Housing starts in urban areas (areas with population of at least 10,000) in British Columbia decreased 16.1% (seasonally adjusted at annual rates) in November compared to October. The decrease was due to a decline in apartment starts (‑32.2%). All other housing types saw an increase in starts in the month.

Across census metropolitan areas, Victoria (‑71.4%) and Vancouver (‑8.4%) saw declines for the month. Abbotsford‑Mission (+45.1%) and Kelowna (+31.6%) housing starts rose in November.

Nationally, urban housing starts increased by 14.4% in November. The increase was widespread across housing types, with semi‑detached housing starts registering the only decline in the month (‑0.5%).

Ontario saw the largest increase in urban housing starts among provinces (+65.6) in November. New Brunswick saw urban housing starts fall by almost a third, the largest decline among provinces. Saskatchewan (‑26.8%), British Columbia (‑16.1%) and Quebec (‑10.6%) also registered declines for the month.

Data Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation