Issue 17-155 Employment Insurance

November 23, 2017

The number of people receiving employment insurance (EI) benefits in British Columbia decreased by 2,940 (‑5.9%) in September compared to the previous month, to reach 46,810 individuals. The decline was somewhat evenly split between female (‑1,340 persons or ‑6.5%) and male beneficiaries (‑1,600 persons or ‑5.5%). British Columbia saw declines in EI recipients among all census metropolitan areas, led by Abbotsford-Mission (‑21.8%).

The number of EI claims (an indicator of the number of future beneficiaries) decreased 4.0% in September compared to August, the second largest reduction among provinces and territories, behind an 8.8% decline in Quebec.

Nationally, there was also a decrease in recipients, with 11,550 fewer people collecting EI, a 2.2% contraction compared to August. The number of both women (‑3.5%) and men (‑1.4%) receiving EI was down. The number of EI claims fell by 3.4% in August to reach 224,820.

Data Source: Statistics Canada