Issue 17-14: Visitor Entries

January 19, 2017

International visitor entries to Canada through British Columbia increased (+1.9%, seasonally adjusted) in November, as the number of visitors from the U.S. continued to climb (+1.8%). Meanwhile, the number of guests from overseas declined (-1.0%), with fewer European (-7.6%) and Asian (-1.3%) visitors coming to B.C., offsetting boosts in visitor entries from other parts of the world, including Africa (+1.7%), North and Central America and the Caribbean (+6.2%) and South America (+11.8%).

The number of Canadians returning home via B.C. from the U.S. and overseas was down (-2.3%) in November, as Canadians as a whole were less likely to have been travelling outside the country (-2.4%) than in the previous month.

Data Source: Statistics Canada