Issue 17-130 Employment Insurance

October 19, 2017

The number of people receiving employment insurance (EI) benefits in British Columbia decreased by 400 (‑0.8%) in August compared to the previous month, to reach 50,530 individuals. The decline was due to a lower number of female recipients (‑2.5%), as the number of male beneficiaries was up by 0.5%.

British Columbia saw declines in EI recipients among census metropolitan areas in Abbotsford-Mission (‑12.0%) and Kelowna (‑1.7%). Vancouver (+0.2%) and Victoria (+0.4%) saw modest increases in the month.

The number of EI claims (an indicator of the number of future beneficiaries) decreased 16.9% in August compared to July, the largest decrease among provinces and territories. The decline in August was shy of reversing the large monthly rise observed in July that was likely caused by forest fires disruptions.

Nationally, there was also a decrease in recipients, with 9,550 less people collecting EI, a 1.8% decline compared to July. The number of both women (‑3.0%) and men (‑1.0%) receiving EI was down. The number of EI claims fell by 4.9% in August to reach 234,310.

Data Source: Statistics Canada