Issue 16-99: Employment Insurance

May 19, 2016

In March, the number of Employment Insurance (EI) beneficiaries in British Columbia decreased (-1.0%, seasonally adjusted) to 52,300 individuals.

The number of beneficiaries declined for both the 15 to 24 years (-3.5%) and the 25 to 54 years (-1.1%) age groups, but there was a slight uptick in the number of EI beneficiaries within the 55 years and over age group (+0.3%). With respect to gender, the number of male beneficiaries declined in March (-1.8%) while there was a small increase in the number of female EI recipients (+0.5%) relative to February.

Out of the four census metropolitan areas (CMA) in British Columbia, the decline in the number of EI beneficiaries was the greatest in Vancouver (-1.5%), followed by Victoria (-1.1%). On the other hand, the Abbotsford-Mission CMA recorded an increase in the number of EI recipients (+4.6%), while the amount of beneficiaries in Kelowna remained unchanged compared to February.

For Canada as a whole, the number of EI recipients declined slightly (-0.4%) in March, pulling the total number of beneficiaries down to 545,700 individuals. Most provinces in Canada recorded a decrease in the number of EI beneficiaries, with Alberta (+3.3%) and Manitoba (+1.1%) being the most significant exceptions.

Data source: Statistics Canada