Issue 16-96: Manufacturing Sales

May 17, 2016

After a decline in February, sales of goods produced by British Columbia’s manufacturers increased (+2.9%, seasonally adjusted) in the month of March. Strongest sales growth was exhibited by non-durable goods manufacturers (+6.9%), due largely in part to continued increase in shipments by food (+0.1%) and chemical manufacturers (+2.6%).

On the other hand, durable goods manufacturers experienced another month of decreasing shipments (-0.2%). Despite sales growth exhibited by machinery (+4.0%) and wood product manufacturers (+0.9%), there were steep declines in sales for non-metallic mineral products (-9.3%) and transportation equipment manufacturers (-7.4%) in the month of March.

With respect to Canada as a whole, there was a decline in manufacturing sales (-0.9%) for a second consecutive month. Among the major manufacturing provinces, the biggest decline was exhibited by manufacturers in Ontario (-1.9%), followed by Quebec (-1.4%). Aside from British Columbia, Alberta also experienced increased manufacturing shipments in the month of March (+0.2%).