Issue 16-81: Employment Insurance

April 21, 2016

In February, 52,910 (seasonally adjusted) persons received regular Employment Insurance (EI) benefits in British Columbia, slightly fewer (-0.5%) than in the previous month.

The number of beneficiaries aged 25 to 54 years (-0.6%) and those aged 55 and over (-2.0%) decreased, but more adults aged 15 to 24 (+3.9%) received benefits. The overall number of men receiving EI benefits (+0.2%) inched up, whereas the number of women beneficiaries (-1.6%) was down in February.

The number of EI recipients declined in three of the province’s four metropolitan areas. Victoria (-0.4%), Vancouver (-2.0%) and Abbotsford-Mission (-11.0%) posted monthly decreases, but Kelowna (+2.5%) registered an increase in beneficiaries.

Canada-wide, the number of EI recipients was 0.8% higher, pushing the total number of beneficiaries to 548,710. Four provinces saw increases, including Ontario (+1.1%) and Quebec (+1.1%).

Data Source: Statistics Canada