Issue 16-76: Manufacturing Sales

April 15, 2016

Sales of goods produced by British Columbia manufacturers slipped (-0.6%, seasonally adjusted) in February. Durable manufacturers saw no change (0.0%) in the value of shipments, as weakness in the machinery (-2.9%), wood (-3.6%), furniture (-4.1%) and computer and electronics (-4.7%) industries offset strength in other sectors. Driven primarily by a hefty decrease in the value of paper shipments (-8.6%), non-durable goods slipped 1.3%, despite increases in other large manufacturing sectors such as food (+1.1%).

Across the nation, manufacturing sales shrank 3.3%. With the exception of Nova Scotia (+0.1%), Alberta (+0.3%) and P.E.I. (+12.1%), shipments were down in all provinces.

Data Source: Statistics Canada