Issue 16-52: Correctional Services

March 24, 2016

In 2014/2015, approximately 24,200 adults were admitted to some form of custody in British Columbia. In the same year, 199,100 individuals were incarcerated nationally (admitted to some form of custodial supervision in Canada’s jails). Approximately 60% of adults admitted to provincial or territorial custody in 2014/2015 were being held in remand while awaiting trial or sentencing.

Aboriginal people continue to have significantly higher levels of representation in custody. In 2014/15, Aboriginal people accounted for 31% of adult admissions to custody in B.C., but only represented about five percent of the population in the province.

Overall, expenditures on adult correctional services (including custodial services, community services and parole boards) in 2014/2015 totaled approximately $250 million in B.C., up 5.4% from 2013/2014.

Data Source: Statistics Canada