Issue 16-51: Energy Use

March 22, 2016

British Columbia households used 173 million gigajoules of energy on heating, cooling, lighting, cooking and many other functions in 2013, slightly more (+1.3%) than in 2011. That equates to an average usage of 92 gigajoules per household, down 1.2% from 93 gigajoules in 2011.

Nationally, the average amount of energy consumed per household climbed from 93 to 98 gigajoules between 2011 and 2013. Households in Alberta reported the highest average energy consumption (137 gigajoules), followed by those in Saskatchewan (119 gigajoules). In contrast, households in New Brunswick (77 gigajoules) and Quebec (78 gigajoules) reported the lowest average consumption.

British Columbians were most likely to use natural gas (60%) or electricity (39%) to fuel their homes, while oil was far less commonly used (1%). Type of fuel usage was starkly divided between eastern and western Canada. Residents of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan were most likely to use natural gas. In Quebec and throughout Atlantic Canada, a mix of electricity and heating oil was used, whereas natural gas usage was almost non-existent.

Data Source: Statistics Canada