Issue 16-31: Retail Sales

February 25, 2016

Retailers in B.C. ended the year on a low note, as sales decreased 1.4% (seasonally adjusted) in December. The decline over the holiday shopping month pushed overall sales down. Nationally, retail sales slumped (-2.2%).

2015 in Review

Retail sales in the province jumped 6.8% in 2015, the strongest annual increase since 2007, when sales surged 7.2%. Clothing stores (+11.9%) saw a double-digit boost for the year, as did some others, such as furniture stores (+13.8%), and used car dealers (+32.0%). Nationally, annual retail sales were up 2.2% with activity increasing in all provinces except Alberta (-3.7%) and Saskatchewan (-2.9%). B.C. posted the most notable increase in 2015.

Data Source: Statistics Canada