Issue 16-196: Manufacturing Sales

October 18, 2016

Manufacturing sales in British Columbia climbed 2.1% (seasonally adjusted) in August, a notably higher rate than for Canada as a whole (+0.9%). B.C. producers of electrical equipment, appliance and component goods (+12.8%), leather and allied products (+10.5%) and primary metal (+6.3%) made the strongest gains. Among those with weaker returns, the transportation equipment (-4.8%), computer and electronic (-2.9%) and printing (-2.7%) industries experienced the largest percentage declines.

Across the country, gains were widespread, with most provinces recording increases. Stronger sales in Ontario (+0.8%) and Alberta (+2.2%) were the primary contributors to the increase in shipments nationally, while Newfoundland and Labrador (-0.9%) and Quebec (-1.7%) were the only two provinces to register a downturn in shipments.

Data Source: Statistics Canada