Issue 16-175: 2015 Apprenticeship Student Outcomes Survey

September 16, 2016

The former traditional apprentices and those from progressive credential programs who were surveyed in 2015 were satisfied with their in-school training, and their pro¬grams were helpful in the development of key skills.

Relative to the average labour force participation and employment rates for a similarly aged B.C. population, the employment outcomes for former traditional apprentices were exceptional. At the time of the survey, almost all of the former traditional apprentices were in the labour force. Their unemployment rate varied by region, but was 6.2 percent overall.

Almost 9 out of 10 former traditional apprentices had a job in their trade to go back to right after their training, and a majority of these were still working for the same employer at the time of the survey. For traditional apprenticeship respondents who were working at the time of the survey, their employment conditions were good—almost all were employed full-time and most had a single, permanent, training-related job, earning a median hourly income of $31.

The labour force participation rate among former progressive credential apprentices was high, although somewhat lower than that of traditional apprentices, and their employment rate compared favourably with the rate of the B.C. population for the period. Employed former progressive credential apprentices also had jobs with favourable conditions—they tended to be salaried employees working in a single, full-time, permanent position.

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