Issue 16-174: Manufacturing Sales

September 16, 2016

Manufacturing sales in British Columbia climbed 2.2% (seasonally adjusted) to $11.9 billion in July, reaching their highest level since February of 2006. The overall boost was chiefly due to heightened shipments of non-durable goods (+2.8%). The increase in the non-durables sector was fuelled by higher sales in the paper industry (+12.9%), after maintenance shutdowns were reported by some establishments in June. Durables were also up (+1.7%), led by a climb in sales by manufacturers of wood (+4.6%). Sales by primary metal (+11.9%) manufacturers recorded the largest increase seen since November of 2014, and sales by producers of computer and electronic product manufacturing products (+5.7%) also showed strength.

Nationwide, manufacturing sales were relatively flat (+0.1%). Sales were particularly strong in parts of Atlantic Canada, but in dollar terms, the largest increases were recorded in Quebec (+0.9%) and B.C. (+2.2%). Manufacturing sales in Alberta continued to seesaw, slipping 1.5% in July, following a 2.0% increase in June. Sales were also weak in the other Prairie Provinces.

Data Source: Statistics Canada