Issue 16-09: Manufacturing Sales

January 20, 2016

Sales of goods manufactured in British Columbia inched down 0.2% (seasonally adjusted) in November, following a similar loss in the previous month. Producers of durable products (+3.0%) saw sales rebound after an uneasy October (-1.8%). Sales of primary (+8.7%) and fabricated (+3.7%) metals and wood (+1.6%) were up notably. Conversely, B.C. producers of non-metallic minerals (-1.9%), computer and electronic (-1.6%) and machinery (-0.7%) products were among others who did not fare as well.

On the non-durables side, sales by manufacturers of paper (-3.9%) were lacklustre in November. This was only partly offset by a boost in sales in the chemical (+3.1%) and food (+0.7%) industries. Overall shipments of non-durable goods dropped 3.9%.

Manufacturers in some other provinces were better off than those in B.C. in November. Canadian shipments were up 1.0%, driven mostly by increases in Ontario (+1.5%) and Quebec (+1.2%). Meanwhile, manufacturers in New Brunswick (-4.1%) posted the strongest declines.

Data Source: Statistics Canada