Issue 16-145: Air Travel

July 27, 2016

In 2015, Canadian air carriers reported a 2.7% boost in passenger volume compared to 2014, with the total number of enplaned/deplaned passengers surpassing 133 million. Passenger traffic has been on the rise for six consecutive years, since the economic slowdown of 2009. Continued traffic growth at Canada’s two largest airports, Lester B. Pearson (+5.8%) in Toronto and Vancouver International (+4.3%) was a leading factor in overall growth.

Growth in the number of passengers travelling to international destinations other than the U.S. led the increases in scheduled travel, jumping 6.6% during the 12-month period. The transborder (Canada-U.S.) sector climbed 1.1%, while the volume of those travelling within Canada experienced comparable growth (+1.9%). Despite the increase in passenger travel, Canadian airports recorded a decline in the number of flights arriving and departing (-1.4%) last year, but carriers noted a significant boost in cargo tonnage (+6.4%) transported by air.

Data Source: Statistics Canada