Issue 16-138: Non-Residential Building Investment

July 15, 2016

Investment in non-residential building construction in the province rose 2.2% (seasonally adjusted) in the second quarter of 2016. Higher spending on commercial buildings (+5.9%), such as office buildings and retail and wholesale outlets, was responsible for the overall increase, as spending on institutional buildings fell 5.6% and investment in industrial complexes was unchanged.

Among the province’s metropolitan areas, there was substantial growth in investment in non-residential building construction in Kelowna (+20.6%), while Vancouver (+2.0%) and Victoria (+3.3%) also saw growth. However, Abbotsford-Mission experienced a 5.2% drop in investment.

Canadian non-residential construction expenditures inched up only 0.2% as growth in B.C., Ontario (+1.2%), Manitoba (+5.9%), New Brunswick (+8.5%) and Northwest Territories (+90.2%) was tempered by declines in the other provinces and territories.

Data Source: Statistics Canada