Issue 16-128: Television Broadcasting

July 5 , 2016

Operating revenues from television broadcasting in Canada slipped 2.1% in 2015 to $7.4 billion. Public and non-commercial TV saw the most substantial decline, with revenues dipping 14.8% to $1.3 billion. Pay television also experienced a decrease (-9.9%). Meanwhile, private conventional television broadcasters saw notable growth (+3.9% to $1.9 billion), as did Specialty TV (+2.2%), which ranks high in terms of revenue ($3.5 billion).

In terms of profitability, specialty and pay television is at the head of the pack, earning 20.9 cents of operating profit for every revenue dollar (before interest and taxes) in 2015. For conventional TV, the profit margin was -7.6%. In 2015, conventional television captured 62% of the overall television airtime market, while pay and specialty broadcasters held the remaining 38%.

Data Source: Statistics Canada