Issue 16-102: Housing Starts

May 24, 2016

The number of housing starts in British Columbia’s urban areas (population of 10,000 and over) continued to oscillate in April, rising 14.4% (seasonally adjusted at annual rates) after falling 20.9% in March. This was the sixth consecutive month where rates of change reversed direction. The increase in April was driven by strong growth in starts of row houses (+20.4%) and apartments (+23.7%), which more than offset declines in starts of single detached (-4.0%) and semi-detached (-18.4%) homes.

Nationwide, housing starts fell 4.6%, which was entirely due to a reduction in building activity in Central Canada, as the Prairie provinces and the Atlantic provinces all experienced robust growth. A 26.7% slump in housing starts in Ontario was responsible for most of the national decline, but starts also fell in Quebec (-7.7%).

Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation