BC Public Service 2020 Work Environment Survey

Technical Guide (FAQs)

When does the 2020 Work Environment Survey (WES) take place?

The BCPS WES Survey will be open from January 30 to February 21, 2020. Note that survey invitations will be sent during work hours on both January 30 and 31.

Who is eligible to complete the survey?

The survey is available to all regular and auxiliary employees who are

  • Covered under the BC Public Service Act
  • Employed directly by any organization whose head reports to the Deputy Minister to the Premier (such as a ministry, agency, office or commission of the Province)
  • Listed on the January 14, 2020 payroll list (hired prior to this date and not on long-term leave on January 14)

The payroll list from January 14, 2020 is used to create the population list for WES. Your responses will be combined with all others within your work unit as of this date. With the fluidity of organizational structures, adhering to this date ensures your responses are accurately grouped to reflect the structure at the time of measurement.

Why wasn't I sent an invitation?

Your employment status as of January 14, 2020 may have made you ineligible to participate in the survey. If you think you are eligible (see above) and didn't receive an invitation, let us know.

Do I have to complete the survey?

The survey is completely voluntary, but all eligible employees are strongly encouraged to complete it. The more completed questionnaires we receive, the more accurately your work environment will be represented. Your executives and strategic human resource groups use this information to direct resources and identify areas for development and improvement.

If you choose to not complete the survey, you don't need to inform BC Stats unless you want to be removed from the reminder list.

Which workplace should I be thinking about when I respond?

Answer the survey questions based on where you were working on January 14, 2020.

I cannot find my email invitation for the survey. What should I do?

If you have misplaced your invitation, we can send you a replacement. However, before asking for a replacement email, first search your inbox for “Invitation” or “Work Environment Survey.” These phrases are in the subject line of your email invitation. The email will be addressed from Okenge Yuma Morisho. If you cannot find it, please contact BC Stats to have another invitation sent.

Why doesn't my UserID work?

If you manually typed in the userID, and your browser window reads, “The userID supplied is not valid. Please try again,” then please try re-typing the userID in your invitation again. Note that there are no letters in the userID, only numbers.

If your browser window reads, “Already submitted. Thank you for your participation! This survey is already completed.” it is most likely that you have already submitted your survey. Each eligible employee can only complete the survey once.

If you forwarded or shared your personalized link with a colleague, and they then completed the survey using that link, our system would would record the completion under your name. This is why we ask that employees do not forward their personalized email invitation to colleagues. Please contact BC Stats if this has occurred.

What should I do if I lose my connection or receive an error message while completing the survey?

If you leave the survey for any reason, lose your internet connection or receive an error message, you can return to the survey using your personalized link in your email invitation. You will be able to resume the survey from where you left. Any answers you provided up until that point will have been preserved.

Why are the executive names listed in the Executive section of my survey incorrect?

During the pre-survey preparations, your Strategic HR team confirmed the executive names for each department within your organization at the time of survey launch. However, organizational structures frequently change, which could lead to the list of executives you see being out-of-date. If the list does not seem to reflect who your executive(s) were as of January 14, 2020, please contact us.

I am a member of the Executive. How should I respond to questions in the Executive section of the survey?

If you are an executive member, your name may appear in the list of executive names. Consider the other members of the executive team when responding in this section (don't evaluate yourself).

Is the Work Environment Survey anonymous?

The survey is confidential but not anonymous.

What’s the difference?

With anonymous surveys, we don’t know who completed the survey, or how many times they completed it. To group results in meaningful ways (for example, by ministry, work unit, or according to demographic groupings), anonymous surveys would require us to ask several additional demographic questions that may not be answered by everyone, which would limit the value of the results.

With confidential surveys, BC Stats assigns unique userIDs to all eligible employees. These userIDs protect individual identities while allowing us to link survey responses to existing administrative information. This enables BC Stats to summarize results by ministry, work unit, or according to demographic groupings.  Any information collected in a confidential survey is protected under the Statistics Act.

How is my data protected?

BC Stats takes the confidentiality of your responses very seriously. Your answers will be kept confidential in accordance with the Statistics Act and will only be used for statistical and research purposes. When survey results are published, your responses will be combined with the responses of others so that you cannot be identified. Your responses are not connected with your personnel record and are not used to make individual personnel decisions.

Section 30 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) requires us to protect personal information by making reasonable security arrangements against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or disposal. BC Stats policies and procedures as well as technical and physical security measures are in place to protect against these risks.

How is my confidentiality protected in the open-ended (comment)  responses?

BC Stats ensures that respondent confidentiality is maintained by ‘cleaning’ responses to the open-ended questions that are used as sample comments in reporting. Cleaning refers to the replacement of any information that may identify the respondent by a general descriptor in square brackets. This may include references to work place location, names of programs or other specific personal information.  For example, “Since I am the only manager on the 3rd floor it is difficult to stay in the loop with other managers.” may become, “Since I am the only [position in a location], it is difficult to stay in the loop with other [position]s.”

When can I expect to see the survey results?

A significant amount of data cleaning and analysis is required before BC Stats can disseminate work unit and ministry results. Once available, each ministry decides how and when they release their survey results. Please connect with your ministry’s strategic human resource group or your ministry’s intranet to learn more about the release schedule.

What is MyWES and how do I access it?

Similar to the previous WES cycle, you will also have access to your individual results via the MyWES online tool. MyWES allows you to explore your personal results in the context of the House Model used in other WES reports.

MyWES will launch in two phases: one for personal results, and another to allow you to compare your personal results with those of your organization and work units. Even those who did not complete the WES survey will be able to use MyWES to see their organization and work unit results. Details regarding how and when you can access MyWES will be posted on the @Work site once the survey closes.