About the Diversity and Inclusion Survey

The Diversity and Inclusion Survey was conducted in early 2019 from January to February. This survey was designed to support efforts to expand inclusivity in the BC Public Service (BCPS), and explored the diverse needs, perceptions and experiences of employees.  

The survey results will be used to help identify barriers and develop solutions to create a more inclusive work environment. The results will also support and inform corporate strategies related to diversity and inclusion, such as making sure programs, practices and policies in the BCPS are developed using the actual experiences of BCPS employees.

Research Goals and Development

The following research goals guided the design process for the questionnaire:

  • Explore important topics about inclusivity from the employee perspective
  • Understand the perceptions and experiences of equity and non-equity groups about inclusivity
  • Identify barriers and solutions to building a more inclusive environment
  • Identify actionable items related to the employee experience

These goals include understanding how various aspects of the workplace experience can support or hinder inclusiveness. For example:

  • Experiences with coworkers
  • Ability to express oneself
  • Workplace accommodations
  • The behaviour of supervisors and leaders

They also include other aspects of the workplace, such as hiring and career development, and discrimination and harassment.

Survey development included a literature review on inclusion in the workplace, as well as a look at recent themes and topics discussed on the @Work forums. We also sought feedback from BCPS employees, in two rounds of focus groups, to refine the questionnaire and identify any gaps in our research. The definitions and phrasing used in the survey were developed using plain language and best practices wherever possible.

The Participants

During the survey period, the survey was sent to all regular and auxiliary employees of the BC Public Service whose organizations were covered by the Public Service Act. Employees must have been listed on their organization’s payroll (and not be on long-term leave) two weeks before the release of the survey.

Note: Agencies, boards, commissions or crown corporations interested in conducting research on diversity and inclusion may submit a request to BC Stats for an independent survey to run after the BC Public Service survey period ends.


The information in this survey is collected and kept confidential in accordance with the Statistics Act, for statistical and research purposes. When survey results are published, individual responses will be combined with the responses of others to prevent identification. Information collected from respondents will not be linked to personnel files, and will not be used to make individual personnel decisions.  


Survey results will be available on @Work in Spring 2019.

Links and Resources

BC Public Service employees may consult this @Work article for information and resources on topics such as:

  • Health and wellness
  • Workplace diversity and inclusivity
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying concerns