What's New with B.C. Map Services

October 16th, 2017

DataBC's deprecated Web Map Services (WMS) were shutdown November 5th. This affects any applications or KML files that reference DataBC's deprecated Web Map Services. This includes all Web Map Services that begin with the URL "http(s)://openmaps.gov.bc.ca/mapserver/*" .

Google Earth sessions, ArcMap Client sessions, or applications built with URL references to any WMS starting with the URL "http(s)://openmaps.gov.bc.ca/mapserver/*" , will have to be updated to reference current DataBC WMS as listed in the BC Data Catalogue.

  • For Individual layers: Search the B.C. Data Catalogue for individual datasets that are available as WMS (these records include resource links to the WMS service for each layer); and/or
  • For All layers: The  All Public WMS layers web map service, includes 700+ public layers in one service, and is also summarized in a KML with Ground Overlays for use in google Earth.

February 17th, 2017

DataBC updated some of the WMS layer styling in our public and secure WMS web services. This initiative improved the display of layer symbology on both light and dark backgrounds. In Addition, the KML Network link, that references the WMS public service, was updated to enable attribute identify functions at large scales in Google Earth and to include subject area sub categories. 

See https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/6164a2af-d3ac-4e92-8dbe-51a93bb5e24b​

  • New Subfolders to the KML network links have been added. (before the KML Network links existed only for main categories and then alphabetized by layer name)
  • In an effort to make legacy styling of WMS layers work effectively on both light and dark background, the following global styling changes have been applied:
    •      Line width less than 1 has been increased by 1.
    •      Any Black line has been changed to orange.
    •      Any Black labels have been made yellow (with black halo).
    •      Label font sizes have been increase by 4.  

December 15th, 2015

Major update and expansion of Web Map Services (WMS).

  • To provide more and better access to Government data for decision making
  • To respond to the increasing need to supply data as a service, versus downloading and storing locally
  • To provide Developers with rapid access to data to support application development
  • To improve data connection services allowing users to view thousands of data layers from the BC Geographic Warehouse in geospatial software or custom applications
  • Improved connection points to our data holdings using the WMS protocol
  • Easier to find in the B.C. Data Catalogue
  • Added over 500 new geographic dataset resources
  • Added clarity for the license of the data
  • Consistent look of WMS output across different access channels
  • Increasing the variety of output format types for use in desktop tools and web applications
  • More timely service delivery and updates

How can you find the new WMS?