HectaresBC provided web browser based access to visualize and analyze geospatial data that is grid based (100 meter X 100 meter cells). The system allowed users to easily create simple queries that combine multiple datasets and quantify values for different areas.

This functionality allowed users to ask questions like “Where are the old pine forests that have more than 5 tons per hectare of biomass, within 500 meters of a road, on slopes with a gradient of 30 percent or less? What is this total biomass by forest district?” or “What is the total area covered by each Health Authority and how much of this area is within 800 meters of the coastline and has an average winter temperature below 5 Celsius?”

The gridded datasets (also known as raster data) that were available for query and analysis within HectaresBC include things like forest inventories, administrative boundaries such as Local Health areas and Regional Districts, present and future climate and pest model data.

The system was built as a collaborative effort with a number of partners including: GeoConnections Canada, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ducks Unlimited, the Nature Trust, the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Province of British Columbia.