Topographic Map Viewer

Topographic Maps

The Topographic Maps are available through the Base Map Online Store, which allows users to view and download PDF maps for free from a web browser. The B.C. Government provides georeferenced, 1:20,000 scale topographic maps of the entire Province of British Columbia. These maps can be used as hardcopy presentation backdrops or for locating geographic features.

Topographic maps can be viewed on desktop or mobile devices. To view the maps, you must have a PDF viewing application, such as Adobe Acrobat, installed on your computer.

How to Use

  1. Open the Base Map Online Store.
  2. Zoom in to an area of interest.
  3. Click on the grid square of interest.
  4. Under Raster Topographic Maps (NTS) click on the PDF or TIFF to view and download your map. 
  5. Save or download the PDF map.

License & Ownership

Copyright © 2013, Province of British Columbia. All rights reserved. This material is owned by the Government of British Columbia and protected by copyright law. It may not be reproduced or redistributed without the prior written permission of the Province of British Columbia.