TRIM Representational Data

Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) Representational map data contain cartographically correct, complete and edited vector base map data. All positional offsets, either cartographic enhancement or generalization, are done for the purposes of feature clarity or cartographic symbolization. The main purpose of these files is to produce cartographically acceptable hard copies of the TRIM map.

Product Details

TRIM Representational map data is available in the Interactive Graphics Design Software (IGDS) format.

Representational map data has had cartographic enhancements and alterations, making this data unsuitable as an input dataset for GIS applications.

How to Acquire

TRIM Representational map data can be ordered from the Base Map Online Store or opened in Google Earth:

The entire TRIM Product Set can be downloaded from the B.C. Data Distribution Service:




TRIM 1:20,000 (Version I) representational digital map sheet, 2D, contours, planimetry, IGDS format

$600.00 each

Delivery Times

The product will be available to download in the requested format within minutes of placing a Base Map Online Store order. You will receive an email with an FTP link. The order will be purged from the FTP server after seven (7) days.