Hillshade Imagery

Hillshade simulates the shadows cast by the sun upon a three-dimensional representation of terrain. Also known as shaded relief images, hillshade images are the most popular form of visually representing a digital elevation model (DEM).

Conventionally, a hillshade image’s light source is in the upper left corner and the shaded relief is almost exclusively computer-generated.

Product Details

Hillshade images are Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) products, derived from B.C.’s gridded DEM. The DEM files use the National Topographic System (NTS) at 1:250,000 scale with a grid spacing of 25 metres.

The images consist of eight distinct raster products which are presented in two different common planar projections, and in file formats appropriate to the file content. The elevation grid is derived from a triangulated irregular network built from TRIM mass-points, breaklines, slope and aspect.

Specification Chart

Index grid

NTS 1:250,000

Pixel size

25.0 metres



Black & white?



TIFF & world file




BC Albers

How to Acquire

Hillshade imagery can be ordered from the Base Map Online Store or opened in Google Earth:




Hillshade 1:250K map sheet & various products for hillshade, colourshade, slope, aspect (25 m resolution)

$150.00 each

Delivery Times

The product will be available to download in the requested format within minutes of placing a Base Map Online Store order. You will receive an email with an FTP link. The order will be purged from the FTP server after seven (7) days.