Digital Elevation Model

The digital elevation model (DEM) of British Columbia is a three-dimensional representation of the province’s terrain. DEMs are derived from height or elevation data.

Product Details

The DEM products are available at 1:250,000 scale.


This product is a regularly gridded digital elevation model data set for the Province of British Columbia, derived from breaklines, areas and mass points. The grid spacing is 25 metres and is created from the 1:20 000 scale Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) Digital Elevation Model (DEM).  It is distributed by 1:250k mapsheet and can be purchased through the Base Map Online Store.

Index grid 1:250,000
Pixel size 25.0 metres
Format USGS
Compression none
Projection UTM


The gridded DEM map tiles of B.C. are at a 1:250,000 scale with additional slope, aspect and hillshade data, based on the Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) 1:20,000 DEM. This data is the TRIM DEM converted to the Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED) format which is available from the BC Geographic Data Catalogue.  Click on the Explore button to download the required letterblock. The data consists of an ordered array of ground or reflective surface elevations, recorded in metres, at regularly spaced intervals. The spacing of the grid points is .75 arc seconds north/south. The data was converted into 1:50,000 grids for distribution. The scale of this modified data is 1:250,000 which was captured from the original source data which was at a scale of 1:20,000. For the CDED format specification see the documentation available at 

  Index grid

NTS 1:250,000

  Pixel size

25.0 metres








TRIM Tile Locator

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How to Acquire

TRIM based USGS format DEMs can be ordered from the Base Map Online Store or opened in Google Earth:

Gridded CDED format DEMs can be downloaded free using this link


TRIM USGS format DEM (25 m detailed resolution)


Gridded CDED format DEM (25 m coarse resolution)


Delivery Times

The product will be available to download in the requested format within minutes of placing a Base Map Online Store order. You will receive an email with an FTP link. The order will be purged from the FTP server after seven (7) days.