Orthophoto Mosaics

An orthophoto is a raster image of surface features in their geometrically corrected position and in uniform scale. Multiple orthophotos can be joined together seamlessly to create an orthophoto mosaic.

The photos in an orthophoto mosaic are merged or tiled together, then clipped to the B.C. Geographic System 1:20,000 map grid. An orthophoto mosaic may serve as a base layer onto which other map information may be placed.

Product Details

Specifications that apply to individual orthophotos also apply to orthophoto mosaics. A digital orthophoto mosaic map sheet incorporates up to 25 individual map sheets within a quarter National Topographic System letter block. Each individual map sheet is a 20x compressed TRIM 20K map sheet at 1.0 metre resolution.

Not all orthophotos may be viewed on demand, due to the high volume of images and associated storage requirements. Digital images that are not ordered on a regular basis are stored in an archive area that is not available online.

The complete catalogue of orthophotos, including archived orthophoto mosaics, will be listed in the Base Map Online Store search results and can be ordered at any time from the store. Archived images will be recalled from the archive area, loaded onto a compact disc (CD) and shipped to the customer as requested.

Thumbnails of the most current images are made available for viewing. Other images that are frequently used are also available to be viewed online.

How to Acquire

Orthophoto mosaics can be ordered from the Base Map Online Store or opened in Google Earth:




Digital orthophoto mosaic map sheet

$500.00 each

Delivery Times


Delivery Time

Delivery Method

Digital orthophoto mosaic

3–5 business days, not including statutory holidays

Products supplied on CD, DVD or customer-supplied hard drive