Web Mapping Frameworks

OverviewiMapBC Application Graphic

Web mapping frameworks are used to build online maps.  Each excels at meeting a range of client business requirements and can be configured to build a client specific web mapping application.


Internet Mapping Framework 2

A platform that's versatile through configuration and open for custom tool development.  It’s ideal for fit for purpose applications, both desktop and mobile.  Can be light weight or heavy weight depending on client’s needs.

Primary Strengths

  • All purpose Web Mapping Framework focusing on fit for purpose application configuration
  • Custom tools, workflows and reports can be developed to extend an application
  • Mobile support through phone and tabloid
  • Light or heavy weight implementations
  • Embeddable in BC Government web pages

B.C.’s Map Hub

ESRI's extension of ArcGIS into the cloud, ArcGIS Online provides a space to develop applications and share apps and contents for purposes of collaboration.  It’s a potential alternative to the DMF with its application templates, but some still have that GIS feel.

Primary Strengths:

  • Simple applications that can be build and shared with groups, a ministry, government or public
  • Hundreds of default templates to choose from including story maps
  • ArcGIS Online collector for quick, simple field data collection
  • Elastic server architecture for high, short term use applications
  • Embeddable in BC Government web pages

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