Web Mapping Technology

 iMapBC Application GraphicThe Mapping Services team  facilitates the provision of technology that enables clients of the DataBC Program to visualize and analyze data via online maps. We use a combination of proprietary and open source software to furnish access to authoritative data and to help our clients satisfy their business requirements and end user needs.  

Internet Mapping Framework 2

IMF2 is a platform that provides many core GIS functions to sites that are created through configuration. Extensions can be built in the form of custom workflows to meet specific business needs. It can be configured for both desktop and mobile views. 

Primary Strengths

  • Provides access to all BCGW data (public and secure as needed
  • Custom tool workflows and reports can be developed
  • Mobile viewing support as well as Desktop

B.C.’s Map Hub

BC’s Map Hub is the Government of British Columbia’s subscription to ArcGIS Online, Esri’s "software as a service" product in the Cloud. It provides a collaborative Web-based environment to access data, configure applications, develop widgets, and share apps and content with other users or the public sphere. 

Primary Strengths:

  • Self-service configuration of maps and data can be shared with specific users, groups of users, or the public
  • Hundreds of default templates to choose from including Story Maps and Dashboards
  • ArcGIS Collector for mobile data collection in the field
  • ArcGIS Survey123 for form-centric data gathering
  • Embeddable in web pages if required

Simple Map Kit

The Simple Map Kit (bcgov/smk) is an open source web mapping product developed by the Province of BC as a standalone (i.e. non-hosted), web mapping enabler. Under the Apache 2.0 license, interested parties can download and modify the code base to suit their needs, or use it as is.

The SMK Command Line Interface (bcgov/smk-cli) provides a command line utility for basic configuration of maps using the SMK. It can also invoke the Editor which provides more in depth configuration via a Web-based GUI.

Primary Strengths:

  • Open source, extendable
  • Great for showing points on a map or for developing more complex functionality
  • Easy integration with BCGW public data sets
  • Portability (host the components and output maps anywhere)
  • Embeddable in web pages if required

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