What's New with the B.C. Geographic Warehouse

Notification: British Columbia Geographic Warehouse Modernization 2020

DataBC is in the process of planning a number of updates to the B.C. Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) that are anticipated to be completed on or before December 2020.  These updates are part of our commitment to continuously improve our client services.

Expected benefits to our partners and clients include:

  • better support for, and performance of, new GIS desktop software (ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap 10.7) and ArcGIS Online;
  • facilitating future changes to dataset creation and update processes that will streamline operations;
  • native access to metadata within mapping software applications and file geodatabases downloaded from the BCGW; and
  • ongoing vendor support required to ensure security and reliability of services.

The updates to achieve these benefits are expected to proceed sequentially through three phases:

  1. changes to the parameters and processes for spatial dataset registration;
  2. updates to the Esri Enterprise Geodatabase software used to provide Esri specific interfaces to data;
  3. an update to the version of Oracle from 12.1 to 19c

While technical feasibility and logistics work has already begun, we are now reaching out to our key partners and clients to confirm these proposed changes and align our updates and testing with our partner’s and key client’s business cycles.   

As the project progresses, additional information will be added to this web page.

If you have questions about these updates please contact DataBC.