B.C. Spatial Data Infrastructure

The B.C. Government Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) centres on the B.C. Geographic Warehouse and its suite of data access tools and services.

B.C. has a rich and varied geography. From the vast farmlands of the Fraser Valley to the dense forests of Northern B.C. and Vancouver Island, no two places are exactly alike. This diversity has helped B.C. become a Geomatics leader.SDI Graphic

The Province has created the SDI to:

  • Be the central source for authoritative geographic data discovery, data access, data download and location services
  • Present integrated views of information from reliable sources to improve decision making
  • Support cost effective digital service delivery and improved data sharing
  • Foster development of location based services to support social and economic development

The SDI encompasses data from all B.C. Government sectors and serves a broad spectrum of users. There are a large number of legislated and mandated lines of business dependent upon the SDI, such as resource development, water management, land tenure, transportation, public safety and emergency response. Key government agencies populate the SDI with foundational geographic data such as topography, roads, water, parcel boundaries, and address locations.

For more information about the B.C. Spatial Data Infrastructure, please contact DataBC. For general information please see this wikipedia page (external link).