Welcome Your New Employee

Onboarding in the BC Public Service is the process of integrating, engaging and enabling employees to succeed in new roles and provide better services to all British Columbians.

During the onboarding process, employees learn organizational values, gain knowledge, enhance skills and abilities, and understand the behaviours, Standards of Conduct and accountabilities that contribute positively to a culture of continuous improvement.   

The BC Public Service aspires to be a place Where Ideas Work (PDF, 2.6MB) and that starts with onboarding all employees with professionalism and expertise, while ensuring they have the tools to perform their jobs. Employees who are welcomed into the public service and feel valued will be engaged and passionate about their work. Supervisors and colleagues all play an important role in preparing and supporting employees so that they may succeed in their new jobs.

Orientation plans should be tailored to the specific workplace or ministry, but here are a few items common to all orientation plans:

  • Welcome the employee to the organization, workplace and position
  • Ensure all onboarding documentation has been completed—see the new employee checklist
  • If your employee is new to government, provide information on the Welcome to the BC Public Service program
  • Define and clarify work assignments, roles and expectations
  • Review your organization's goals, policies, dynamics, structure, culture, management styles and potential pitfalls
  • Introduce the employee to MyHR and how to submit an AskMyHR service request
  • Build positive connections and networks between the new employee, other staff and the organization
  • Make workplace resources and information readily available
  • Discuss the Standards of Conduct, physical surroundings, payroll and benefits, work schedules and training and development opportunities—see My Total Package
  • Review the probation period
  • Follow up regularly with the employee

One of the fastest ways to bring a new employee up to speed is to assign them a buddy. Successful employees who have been on the job for two to three years can be a great resource. They can provide guidance and encouragement and reduce new employee uncertainty by being available to answer immediate or routine questions.