Business Consulting Services for Executives

The Business Consulting Team in the BC Public Service Agency helps executives in the provincial public sector address organizational challenges. Our projects focus on an entire ministry, a division or a team, depending on the challenge. If your team is interested in our business consulting services, contact us—an executive sponsor is required.

The following services are available:

Organizational Effectiveness Reviews 

Assess your organization’s ability to deliver your business objectives. The Business Consulting Team uses analysis and confidential consultations to provide feedback and suggest improvements. Topics include governance and strategy, systems and processes, people practices and organizational structure.

Q: Who will benefit from an organizational effectiveness review?

A: Organizations having difficulty achieving business objectives.

Organizational Design Projects

Through consultations and leadership team workshops, we will help you design your organizational structure to match business objectives and create transition plans.

Q: Who will benefit from an organizational design project?

A: Organizations with business challenges that are primarily related to structure or operating model.

Strategy Alignment Projects

These projects help you align your organization to your future vision. Through staff and stakeholder engagement, we help you develop a shared vision followed by changes to governance, processes, structure, systems and human resource practices.

Q: Who will benefit from a strategy alignment project?

A: Organizations that need to meet a change in mandate, vision or goal.

Change Leadership

This is the key to success for any project. The Business Consulting Team provides this support, by request.

Q: Who will benefit from change leadership support?

A: Executives and leadership teams leading significant organizational change.