MyPerformance Conversations, Coaching & Business Consulting Services

MyPerformance conversations, coaching and business consulting services can help you set goals, maximize results and increase employee engagement.

MyPerformance Conversations

MyPerformance is how the BC Public Service supports the relationship between employee and supervisor. As a supervisor, your role is essential for productive and empowering conversations. See MyPerformance for Supervisors for more information.

Coaching Services

Coaching Services are available to all BC Public Service employees. Supervisors may benefit from coaching at different points in their careers. Leadership coaching for supervisors and managers is the process of increasing your effectiveness in three broad areas:

  • Communicating the purpose, vision and goals of the organization, as well as outlining opportunities and challenges
  • Building commitment and relationships and facilitating interactions that result in outstanding team performance
  • Producing results through the direct efforts of others as well as their own

Coaching is not giving advice, not fixing or solving problems, although problems may get solved in the process. Coaching is about establishing a trusted relationship over time with clients who are searching for clarity and skills to make changes in the near future. For more information on coaching services available, go to Coaching Services or contact Coaching Services through AskMyHR by submitting a service request using My Team or Organization > Coaching & MyPerformance > MyPerformance Conversations.

Business Consulting Services for Executives

The Business Consulting Team in the BC Public Service Agency helps executives in the provincial public sector improve the effectiveness of their organizations. See Business Consulting Services for Executives for more information.