MyPerformance Conversations, Coaching, Conflict Management & Business Consulting Services

MyPerformance conversations, coaching, conflict management and business consulting services can help you set goals, maximize results and increase employee engagement.

MyPerformance Conversations

MyPerformance is how the BC Public Service supports the relationship between employee and supervisor. As a supervisor, your role is essential for productive and empowering conversations. See MyPerformance for Supervisors for more information.

Coaching & Conflict Management Services

Coaching Services assists leaders of BC Public Service employees to increase the engagement, effectiveness and trust of their team.

View Coaching Services for more information, or submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request using the categories My Team or Organization > Coaching & MyPerformance > Coaching Servcies.

Conflict Management assists clients in managing workplace conflict by using interest-based conflict resolution process, as opposed to rights-based processes such as grievances. They do this by focusing on problem solving, effective communication and preserving relationships in the workplace. 

View Conflict Management Services for more information, or submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request using the categories My Team or Organization > Workplace Disputes and Conflict > Conflict Management Services.

Business Consulting Services for Executives

The Business Consulting Team in the BC Public Service Agency helps executives in the provincial public sector improve the effectiveness of their organizations. See Business Consulting Services for Executives for more information.