Safety Incident Reporting Portal Application Guide: Step 1

If a workplace safety incident occurs, the first step in using the Safety Portal is to select an incident type. Different incident types will require different procedures.

Incident Types

Injury with Time Loss/Medical Aid submits a Form 7 to WorkSafeBC, starting a claim. It requires the submission of a Joint Incident Investigation.

Injury First Aid Only records the incident. The Reporting Supervisor must investigate the incident. If a hazard cannot be controlled immediately, follow up with a corrective action is required.

Near Miss is an incident that did not involve an injury, or involved a minor injury not requiring medical treatment but which had the potential to cause serious injury to a worker. It requires the submission of a Joint Incident Investigation.

Hazardous Condition reports a condition with no injury and only minor consequences or uncontrolled hazard.  The Reporting Supervisor must investigate the incident. If the hazard cannot be controlled immediately, follow up with a corrective action is required.

The Event Report

  • The home page of the Safety Portal has three main sections: Home, MyWork and Incidents.
  • Select “Incidents” to see the Safety Event Report Tab
  • After selecting an Incident Type, you can fill in the Event Report.

Completing the Report

Fill out as much information about the incident in the available fields of the Event Report tab as possible. This information may include:

  • Location of Incident
  • Incident Information
  • First Aid Information
  • Treatment Information
  • Objection to Claim Information
  • Initial Actions Taken
  • Supervisor Hazard Review
  • Additional Worker and Incident Information

A Note on Supervisor Hazard Review

Incidents must be reviewed by the supervisor or the manager who is reporting the incident. The Supervisor Hazard Review requires a supervisor to be designated to act on the report of a hazard or incident to control the hazards or secure the incident scene for Joint Incident Investigation.

Requesting Assistance with the Report

To request help with filling out the report, check the box asking for PSA Safety Team assistance before submitting the Event Report. Requesting PSA assistance will email an Occupational Safety Specialist. The Specialist will contact you to assist.

Saving and Submitting the Report

Once all the mandatory fields are completed, the Event Report can be Saved by clicking the button at the top of the Event Report.

The Event Report for the incident can be submitted using the Submit button located next to Save. All mandatory fields must be completed before the report can be submitted.

Clicking Calculate Score will highlight any formatting errors in questions 1 through 17.2. Correcting the formatting will not clear the error notification; however, the Event report will be able to be submitted and saved.

Once an Event Report has all required fields filled in and has been saved, proceed to the Corrective Actions Tab, located to the right of the Event Report Tab.

The Corrective Actions Tab

Corrective Actions are messages that suggest what action should be taken to remedy hazards or deficiencies. Actions are assigned to specific people through the Corrective Actions Tab.

An Action Assignment email will be sent to the person to whom each action has been assigned, including a reminder of the due date. The email contains a link to the Corrective Action, which may also be forwarded to a different person if the person who received it cannot complete the action.

To create Corrective Actions:

  •  Click on “New”
  • In Finding Details, note the finding and select the best category of finding from the dropdown list in Finding Type.
  • Do the same with Action Details and Action Type.
  • Assign the Action to a person with the authority to complete the Action.
  • Saving the Action at the top or bottom of the screen will save the Action and send an Action Assignment email to the person you have assigned.

Save the incident if you do not want to add Corrective Actions or don’t have all the details of the incident. It will be saved for you to complete later.

When all the fields have been completed, scroll back to the top of the page and click Submit. This will lock the record and notify the Investigating Supervisor. If the incident is an “Injury with Time Loss/Medical Aid”, the PSA will review it and the Form 7 process will start.