Early Intervention & Return to Work e-Learning Series

The Early Intervention and Return to Work Series e-Learning modules are designed for supervisors.

These modules cover a range of topics related to supporting employees who have an illness or injury to stay at work or return to work as soon as possible after a period of illness or injury. The purpose of these modules is to provide information to help you manage situations on your own, or direct you to specialists that can support both you and your employee with early intervention and return to work planning. Supervisors will learn about:

  • Sick leave
  • The Managing Employee Health Issues at Work program
  • Doctor's Certificate forms
  • Short Term Illness and Injury Plan (STIIP) and the supervisor's role
  • Long Term Disability (LTD) and the supervisor's role
  • Return to work

There are nine modules in total, divided into three categories: "At Work, "Off Work" and "Return to Work." You're encouraged to work through the entire series, but can link to them individually.



At Work

Off Work

Return to Work

Scenario-Based Practice E-Course

Early Intervention and Return-to-Work: Supporting Employees in the Workplace builds on the above modules. Supervisors learn about their role and responsibilities and available resources. They practice decision-making when dealing with employees struggling with health issues. The scenario-based course is available by registration through the Learning Centre.Restricted access