Classification Review

A classification level is determined by analyzing a job's duties in its organizational context and comparing it with benchmark jobs within the classification plan.

The classification level is linked to the salary schedule for the appropriate Union/Bargaining Unit. 

Bargaining Unit and Schedule A positions are assigned a grid level which has a set salary negotiated between the province and the union.

Excluded management positions are assigned to one of six salary bands. Each band has a defined salary range within which the ministry decides what to pay.

View salaries by classification with the Salary Look-up Tool.

If you want your job classification reviewed, speak with your supervisor. Review requests must be initiated by an excluded manager or Bargaining Unit supervisor for a position under their authority.

Read more about job classifications in your Collective Agreement: 

When is a Review Needed?

A classification review is needed for new positions prior to advertising the position or making an offer of employment.


  • Job Store Profiles: Positions using an unaltered job store profile may proceed to hiring. The hiring manager is responsible for carefully reviewing the “context” section to ensure the organizational structure and any qualifying conditions are understood and matching, and that a classification review isn't necessary. Please read the Job Store Guidelines and if there are significant accountability changes to a profile prior to hiring, request guidance through an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request by using the categories My Team or Organization (or) A Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Classification Review.
  • Generic Office Assistant 6 & 7 positionsLicensed Science Officer 1 & 2 positions: When these existing positions (vacant or occupied) have changed significantly or were based on special circumstances that were not intended to be ongoing.

How to Request a Review

Submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request by using the categories My Team or Organization (or) Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Classification Review.

Attach the following:

If the review request is for a new position, include the business unit and paylist numbers, indicate whether the position is full or part-time, and provide a completed Position Screening Designation (DOCX, 88KB). If the request is for an included position that is encumbered, you'll need deputy minister approval before moving forward with the request.