BC Public Service COVID-19 Approach - Stage 3: Monitoring, Controlling & Adapting

When ministries are satisfied that the measures put in place are effective, they can increase the number of required employees to the new maximum workplace capacity.

Stage 3 is expected to be in effect for six to 18 months until vaccination, effective treatment or a change in virus transmission occurs. 

The increase should be gradual, to

  • ensure orientation can be provided upon arrival for the required employees’ first day
  • test the employee interaction controls

Stage 3 Readiness Checklist: Increasing to 100% of the New Workplace Capacity (DOCX, 29 KB) contains a checklist to assist with making the decision to increase to 100 per cent of the new workplace capacity.

Planning for direct interaction with the public where two-metre physical distancing can’t be maintained continues. Once safe work procedures (SWPs) and/or personal protective equipment (PPE) are in place and staff are trained, this work resumes.

Continuous Improvement

Once the number of employees reaches the new maximum workplace capacity, ministries will monitor effectiveness as described in Stage 2: Executing and implement changes to controls or safe work procedures as required. The cycle continues until the COVID-19 public health emergency in B.C. is over.

Changes to the Workplace Capacity or Controls Based on Risk or Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Orders or Guidance 

  • Workplaces and ministries may have to adjust operations at any time in the next 18 months if the province experiences an increase in COVID-19 community transmission
  • The PHO could impose restrictions causing further reduced capacity in offices, or create an impact on other controls
  • Orders or guidance could be specific to certain regions or affect the entire province
  • It's possible the BC Public Service could have to revert to most staff telecommuting until the public health emergency is over

If transmission rates remain low, there may be opportunities to increase the workplace capacity based on the PHO’s orders or guidance. If changes to workplace capacity are required, or opportunities to increase capacity occurs, updated advice and tools from BC PSA Workplace Health and Safety will be provided.


Ministries must review the effectiveness of the COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Annually, as a minimum, with the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  • Upon PSA’s request, if direction or guidance from the PHO or WorkSafeBC changes
  • If directed by the BC PSA Medical Director

The review should include:

  • Appropriateness of workplace capacity
  • Effectiveness of interactions controls
  • Reports of concerns and feedback from required employees
  • A copy of the review will be presented to the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee