BC Public Service COVID-19 Approach - Stage 2: Executing

This stage is designed to ensure that the employee interaction controls are appropriate for the required number of employees in the workplace. 

Stage 2 should last a minimum of two weeks.

Over the first two weeks of Stage 2, required employees will return to the workplace at a rate organised by ministries in order to

  • Ensure orientation can be provided upon arrival for the required employees’ first day
  • Test the employee interaction controls

Work requiring direct interaction with the public, which does not also require personal protective equipment (PPE) for preventing COVID-19 transmission, can resume when

The coordination of all employees’ schedules will ensure the workplace capacity is not exceeded—if necessary, plan the work so staff can rotate through the office.

Begin planning for work where two-metre physical distance can’t be maintained. For assistance with these functions and positions, submit an AskMyHR service request using the category Myself (or) My Team or Organization > COVID-19.

Ministries should complete the checklist in COVID-19 Weekly Inspection Checklist and Report (DOCX, 73KB) to evaluate workplace readiness to implement Stage 3: Monitoring, Controlling & Adapting.

Monitoring Effectiveness of Initial Return to Workplaces

As the number of employees gradually increases, ministries should monitor the effectiveness of the physical distancing and interaction controls. The effectiveness of controls is measured by their ability to

  1. Meet the goal of limiting less-than-two-metre interactions to short (walk past) and infrequent occurrences
  2. Ensure risk of exposure to COVID-19 is minimized through workplace practices

Actions ministries can take to monitor the effectiveness of their measures:

  • Complete at least two inspection checklists and reports for each workplace
  • Review required employees’ feedback weekly, and provide the feedback to the Joint Health and Safety Committee at the monthly meeting
  • Keep count of employees who self-report flu-like or respiratory conditions associated with an absence


Purpose of a safety investigation: to control the hazard and prevent future incidents.

Focus of a safety investigation: to improve the controls, and not blame employees.

If the investigation finds an employee isn’t following safe work procedures, the employee’s supervisor is included in the discussion to correct the behaviour.

Ministries are responsible for investigation under the WorkSafe BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 3.10 Reporting unsafe conditions.

It states:

Whenever a person observes what appears to be an unsafe or harmful condition or act the person must report it as soon as possible to a supervisor or to the employer, and the person receiving the report must investigate the reported unsafe condition or act and must ensure that any necessary corrective action is taken without delay.

Staff should report any COVID-19 related hazards to their supervisor.

Most investigation of COVID-19 related hazards and incidents will not require a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Investigation if there’s no injury or time loss. If ministries need assistance they can submit an AskMyHR service request using the category Myself (or) My Team or Organization > COVID-19.

Ministries must investigate and report when

  • Required employees bring forward concerns that the controls are not adequate or effective
  • A supervisor brings forward information indicating a required employee has become symptomatic in the workplace
  • A public health official contacts the workplace for contact tracing due to a COVID positive staff or client

The investigation of employee concerns must include

  • Discussion with the employee making the report
  • Observation of the controls in question
  • Record of the hazard, brief description of the what was investigated, and any recommendations. The record can be a short email or hazard report

Investigation of an employee or client that has become symptomatic in the workplace must include

The ministry will ensure that suitable cleaning arrangements are made.