Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellowship Program (CSPF)

12-month paid fellowships are offered to postdocs and professors (those with a PhD). In partnership with *Mitacs, and with a goal to support innovation in critical program areas across government, each September, host ministries provide hands-on experiential learning and equip academic researchers with the skills to address policy challenges to support program innovation. The Canadian Science Policy Fellowship offers candidates exposure to a variety of potential career path opportunities, supplies government with access to highly specialized talent, and expands networks within the broader research community.  

*Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 15 years. Working with 60 universities, thousands of companies, and both federal and provincial governments, we build partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada.

Science Policy Fellows

The program is intended to develop policy capacity of scientists and researchers, support the incorporation of scientific knowledge and methodologies in policy-making, enhance capacity and expand the science policy network across the BC Public Service. The appointments are auxiliary from September to August.

For more information about the program, contact:

Host Offices

The success of the fellowship placements relies in large part on the commitment and support of the host offices that welcome the Fellows.

With Executive support, host offices (ministries and agencies) are encouraged to submit policy project submissions to Mitacs annually.  

Types of projects may vary widely in topic. The nature of the policy work should be challenging and aimed to move the policy project forward. Each submission must be appropriate for the advanced expertise of a PhD level researcher.

The project submission template available at Mitacs Science Policy Fellowship.

Fellowship Cycle

  • November - March: BCPS call for policy project submissions from ministry host offices.
  • November - February: Mitacs call for academic candidates to apply for program participation.
  • February - April: Mitacs adjudicates applications and provides shortlist for hosts' review; interview and ranking commences with host offices.
  • May - July: Mitacs confirms fellowship placements with ministry host offices; fellows prepare to relocate, if applicable.
  • September: Fellowships commence for 12 months.