Social Work Career Opportunities

Ministry of Children & Family Development: Supporting the Future of Families Throughout British Columbia

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) promotes and develops the capacity of families and communities to care for and protect vulnerable children and youth, and supports healthy child and family development to maximize the potential of every child in British Columbia. The Ministry is responsible for regional and province wide delivery of services and programs that support positive and healthy outcomes for children, youth and their families.

Dedicated ministry social workers make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of children and families in B.C. Each year, ministry services reach about 155,000 children and families, representing approximately 17 percent of all B.C. children and youth. These are some of the most vulnerable children in the province, often facing a range of complex challenges.

Social workers fill vital roles in our ministry. There are a number of roles and career paths for individuals who want to join the BC Public Service team.

We're looking for talented social workers with varying skill sets for these rewarding, career-building opportunities.

Unique Opportunity

You're a highly motivated individual who will enjoy the opportunity to work with a collaborative, high functioning team in a role that will make a difference in the lives of many British Columbians. Consider applying for one of these challenging positions and take the opportunity to participate in important ministry projects that strives to protect and support British Columbians who need government services and assistance.

These opportunities are available throughout the province on an ongoing basis. The MCFD Service Delivery Areas Map will give you a better understanding of the regional boundaries within the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Many of our positions are located in beautiful Northern B.C.

As an internal or external applicant, you'll expand your horizons and work experience in one of these career-building roles. These roles give you the opportunity to experience working for the BC Public Service and have the potential to grow into a rewarding lifelong career.

Career Profile: Child Protection Worker - Denise

Woman's voice: "I’m Denise and I’m a Child Protection Worker with the BC Public Service.

"I knew from the beginning when I started my education that I wanted to do child protection and become a child protection social worker. So I started out doing my first two years of school and then took a break and worked running a young parent program. After I completed that and worked in the young parent program for two years, I then went to university for two more and completed my specialization in child protection.

"Children need someone to look out for them and be able to protect them; that’s why I decided to go into child protection. It’s trying to ensure that they’re somewhere safe, their home environment is safe.

"I worked with a 12 year old girl who was quite street entrenched. She ran away from where she was staying quite frequently. Both of her parents were deceased. She didn’t have any supports or access to anything. She didn’t have a connection with anyone individually. So it was great to be able to work very hard to have that child be able to trust someone, to want to get some help, to be able to get connected to a psychologist, look at their physical health, look at their environment around them, and get them connected with those supports so that when they move along in life, they are able to cope with things and cope with crises as they come along.

"What I like best about my job is that there’s variety. Every day is different. I’m always doing something different. I do intake, so I work with families when they are in crisis mode. So it is having the resources and having to think quick on my feet and being able to provide a family with the needs when they are in a crisis, or needs assistance, especially with children when they do have a family home environment that we need to provide supports for.

"I like every aspect of my job. I like that every day is different. I like being able to work with children in schools, being able to talk to children, interviewing them, working with parents, and just trying to figure out what we can do as a community to make life a little easier for kids."

End of video.

Working for the BC Public Service

The BC Public Service is the largest corporate workforce in the province with close to 30,000 employees throughout the province. Our workforce covers a broad spectrum of occupations that require a diverse range of skills. We offer competitive employee benefits and programs, amazing learning opportunities, and a chance to engage in rewarding work with real career development opportunities.

Resources for Applicants

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Current Opportunities

Below is information about current Social Worker opportunities with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, as well as information on the application process. This is your chance to learn, achieve, and succeed in a rewarding, career-building role while making a difference in your community.

Learn about the different social work roles available.

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