Financial Officer Applicant Inventory

With a wide variety of positions and job responsibilities, the BC Public Service is a great place to begin or advance your career. As a Financial Officer, you will have the opportunity to support teams and professionals who provide services to British Columbians.

Current Opportunities

A Financial Officer 18 Applicant Inventory for vacancies in all locations across the province is now closed.

Applying to be in the Inventory

  • The inventory posting is open to anyone who is eligible to apply for positions in the BC Public Service
  • To be considered for positions available in Victoria and Metro Vancouver, you must submit an application
  • Review the Job Seekers - Apply and the Applicant Process information on MyHR and set up your application profile prior to submitting your application. Once you have created or updated your profile, you can submit your application
  • When you submit your profile, you will receive an email notification. You can also verify if your application profile is received by viewing your submission history in the recruitment system. All opportunities you have applied for are listed in your submission history

Applicants who are not successful can reapply to the inventory the next time it is posted!

Screening & Assessment Process

  • Applicants will be screened based on minimum screening criteria. Those who meet the screening criteria will be invited to complete online testing to determine their proficiency with Excel. There is no minimum score for this testing. However completing this testing is required for applicants to be added to the inventory and those with higher levels of proficiency in Excel may have access to more opportunities within the inventory
  • Applicants will be notified of their test results and will use these result to determine which postings they are eligible to apply for
  • All inventory candidates will be required to attend an orientation session before they will be considered for vacancies
  • Candidates will also have the option of attending workshops to improve their interviewing skills and gain tips on how to be successful in the final stages of the hiring process
  • Candidates who are added to the inventory may have two options available to them to be considered for Financial Officer 18 vacancies in Victoria and Metro Vancouver:(1) Competitive process; or (2) Lateral transfers
  • Competitive process:
    • Vacancies will be posted to the inventory on a scheduled basis. Those who apply will have an opportunity to demonstrate how they meet the preferences specific to the advertised position
    • Candidates who submit their application to a vacancy will be identified to the hiring manager. Candidates will proceed to additional assessment and past work performance checks. Vacancies filled will be posted on a notification board for unsuccessful employee candidates to request feedback
  • Lateral transfer (for current Financial Officer 18s only):
    • Positions will be advertised to eligible candidates in the lateral hiring stream within the Inventory
    • Those who express interest must demonstrate how they meet the preferences specific to the position
    • Qualified employees may proceed to an assessment (written, verbal) or a suitability interview
    • An offer for a lateral transfer will be extended to the successful employee

Internal employees who are currently at the Financial Officer 18 level must apply to the inventory in order to be considered for a new Financial Officer 18 opportunity. Once in the inventory they will have the option to apply or express interest on new roles through the competitive stream and/or lateral transfer stream.