Meet Our People - Milica, Senior Regulatory Officer

As a Senior Regulatory Officer in the regulations area of the financial institutions division, my job is to ensure that financial institutions applying for regulatory approvals, such as incorporations, amalgamations and business acquisitions, meet the statutory requirements, and will be operated in a prudent and appropriate manner.

In my oversight of regulatory approvals, I analyze business plans and financial statements, and prepare briefing materials to the superintendent and the commission. I also act as a relationship manager to assigned financial institutions and provide support to stakeholders on legislative matters and processes. 

How long have you been with FICOM?

Since 2010.

What's your education and background?

After completing the French immersion program at Kitsilano Secondary, I studied business at Simon Fraser University and received a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2009 with a concentration in Finance and International Business. I also continued with my French studies at SFU and completed a minor in French.

In my undergraduate studies at SFU, I decided to take advantage of the co-op program and obtained a position with FICOM working as a Junior Analyst in the credit unions and trusts department. I was excited to be a part of the provincial government and ready to apply what I had learned in my studies on the job. My co-op experience was quite educational and enjoyable. I learned a lot about the regulatory functions of FICOM by working on a variety of different assignments and interacting with my colleagues. Not only was I able to develop practical business skills, I was also able to strengthen my current set of skills, such as my analytical thinking and applying my financial knowledge in the monitoring of financial institutions. 

What's your career path?

I'm focused on my professional growth at FICOM. My plan is to pursue the CMA designation and enrol in the Strategic Leadership Program in January 2014. I'm also interested in taking some courses through the Chartered Insurance Professional Program.

Working at FICOM allows me to expand my knowledge base, take on more challenging responsibilities, and gain exposure to more complex regulatory transactions and legislative matters.

What is it about your job and FICOM that you like?

I enjoy the regulatory nature of my job and knowing that my daily responsibilities help ensure the protection of the public. It’s a rewarding and empowering feeling. 

What advice would you give others looking to join FICOM or who are starting out in their career?

Work hard, be professional, have a positive attitude, and always keep learning!